Learn to code LIKe a Girl


I'm a pre-teen interested in the capability of Science and Technology. I enjoy sharing the excitement with my fellow peers. 

My recent achievements :

In August 2017, I enjoyed speaking at the Scratch Conference in Budapest, Hungary. Here are the photos of the event.

In June 2017, I ran a coding session for the LuxKids Lab Flight Academy visit and coding event.

In May 2017, I ran introduction to Scratch session for pre-teens during the weekend Scratch Day celebrations in Luxembourg.

In April 2017, along with the Luxembourg team, I participated in the Technovation Challenge. We had to code an app and also write a business plan for it. We created a One-Click Safety App.

In January 2017, I ran a paper based introduction to coding workshop, graph paper programming for the 6-8 year old Beavers and their siblings.

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