• 15:30 to 17:00 - Introduction to Computer Science, Scratch, Mobile App, Python


  • 14:00 to 15:30 - Introduction to Computer Science, Scratch, Mobile App, Python

All times are Luxembourg time.


Codeutainmentevent Launch was Feb 8th 2019. Reach out if you would like us to organize this unique experience for your company, school or community. 

We organize several special events throughout the year to celebrate the following :

  • EU Code Week in October

  • Introduction to Computer Science Week in December

  • International Women's Day in March

  • Scratch Day in May

  • Geek Week Luxembourg in June

  • Science Week Luxembourg in June/July

  • Summer Camps in July, August

If you would like us to organize a special event for your company, school or community, do reach out.

2018-2019 CALENDAR

september - DECEMber

(12 sessions)

Sept 8th / Sept 9th

Sept 15th / Sept 16th

Sept 22nd / Sept 23rd

Sept 29th / Sept 30th

Oct 13th / Oct 14th

Oct 20th / Oct 21st

Nov 10th / Nov 11th

Nov 17th / Nov 18th

Nov 24th / Nov 25th

Dec 1st / Dec 2nd

Dec 8th / Dec 9th

Dec 15th / Dec 16th


2019-2020 CALENDAR

Simplify Coding!

JANUARY - JUNE (13 sessions)

Jan 12th / Jan 13th

Jan 19th / Jan 20th

Jan 26th / Jan 27th

Feb 2nd/ Feb 3rd

Feb 9th / Feb 10th

Mar 2nd/ Mar 3rd
Mar 16th / Mar 17th

Mar 23rd

Mar 31st

Apr 6th / Apr 7th

Jun 8th

Jun 15th / Jun 16th

Jun 29th / Jun 30th

september - DECEMber

(12 sessions)

Sept 7th / Sept 8th

Sept 14th / Sept 15th

Sept 21st / Sept 22nd

Sept 28th / Sept 29th

Oct 5th / Oct 6th

Oct 12th / Oct 13th

Oct 19th/ Oct 20th 

Nov 9th / Nov 10th

Nov 16th / Nov 17th

Nov 23rd / Nov 24th

Nov 30th

               Dec 1st 

Dec 7th / Dec 8th

Dec 14th / Dec 15th

JANUARY - JULY (17 sessions)

Jan 11th / Jan 12th

Jan 18th / Jan 19th

Jan 25th / Jan 26th

Feb 1st/ Feb 2nd

Feb 8th / Feb 9th

Feb 29th

               Mar 1st 
Mar 7th / Mar 8th

Mar 14th / Mar 15th

Mar 21st / Mar 22nd

Mar 28th / Mar 29th

Apr 25th / Apr 26th

May 9th/ May 10th

Jun 6th/ Jun 7th

Jun 13th / Jun 14th

Jun 20th / Jun 21st

Jun 27th / Jun 28th

Jul 4th / Jul 5th