JANUARY - JULY (15 sessions)

Jan 13th / Jan 14th

Jan 20th / Jan 21st

Jan 27th / Jan 28th

Feb 3rd / Feb 4th

Feb 24th / Feb 25th

Mar 3rd / Mar 4th
Mar 17th / Mar 18th

Apr 14th / Apr 15th

Apr 21st / Apr 22nd

Apr 29th

May 5th/ May 6th

Jun 2nd / Jun 3rd
Jun 9th / Jun 10th

Jun 17th

Jun 30th / Jul 1st

2017-2018 CALENDAR

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JANUARY - JUNE (13 sessions)

Jan 12th / Jan 13th

Jan 19th / Jan 20th

Jan 26th / Jan 27th

Feb 2nd/ Feb 3rd

Feb 9th / Feb 10th

Mar 2nd/ Mar 3rd
Mar 16th / Mar 17th

Mar 23rd / Mar 24th

Mar 30th / Mar 31st

Apr 6th / Apr 7th

Jun 8th / Jun 9th

Jun 15th / Jun 16th

Jun 29th / Jun 30th

september - DECEMber

(12 sessions)

Sept 9th / Sept 10th

Sept 16th / Sept 17th

Sept 23rd/ Sept 24th

Sept 30th / Oct 1st

Oct 14th / Oct 15th

Oct 21st / Oct 22nd

Nov 11th / Nov 12th

Nov 18th / Nov 19th

Nov 25th / Nov 26th

Dec 2nd / Dec 3rd

Dec 9th / Dec 10th

Dec 16th / Dec 17th

september - DECEMber

(12 sessions)

Sept 8th / Sept 9th

Sept 15th / Sept 16th

Sept 22nd / Sept 23rd

Sept 29th / Sept 30th

Oct 13th / Oct 14th

Oct 20th / Oct 21st

Nov 10th / Nov 11th

Nov 17th / Nov 18th

Nov 24th / Nov 25th

Dec 1st / Dec 2nd

Dec 8th / Dec 9th

Dec 15th / Dec 16th



  • 15:30 to 17:00 - Introduction to Computer Science, Scratch, Mobile App, Python


  • 14:00 to 15:30 - Introduction to Computer Science, Scratch, Mobile App, Python

All times are Luxembourg time.

2018-2019 CALENDAR


We organize several special events throughout the year to celebrate the following :

  • EU Code Week in October

  • Introduction to Computer Science Week in December

  • International Women's Day in March

  • Scratch Day in May

  • Geek Week Luxembourg in June

  • Science Week Luxembourg in June/July

  • Summer Camps in July, August

If you would like us to organize a special event for your company, school or community, do reach out.